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My school invites college counseling representatives to come and talk to interested students, saving some time with the entire college visiting process. One of them, Smith, an all women’s college with a liberal arts curriculum, informed me that they now consider the SATs optional.

Which is all well and great, but they’re a liberal artsy fartsy New Age hippie school. What a preposterous idea, getting rid of the SATs! How else will the colleges be able to rank us at a single glance? How else will we judge our own academic standing and measure our self-worth?

William Fitzsimmons was quoted saying:

“Society likes to think that the SAT measures people’s ability or merit. But no one in college admissions who visits the range of secondary schools we visit, and goes to the communities we visit – where you see the contrast between opportunities and fancy suburbs and some of the high schools that aren’t so fancy – can come away thinking that standardized tests can be a measure of someone’s true worth or ability.” [Source]

William Fitzsimmons? Who’s THAT? Some guy who has no idea about how the college admissios process REALLY works?

Well, for one thing, he’s the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Harvard University.

Food for thought, right?


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