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Blogs to keep an eye on!

  • Between the Line: Comic Book Fashions For Ordinary Girls – A great blog, recently started, that takes comic book fashions and, well, adapts them for ordinary girls like us. Because we’re not all big-boobed tiny-waisted Amazon princesses, yeah?
  • Tweenage Wasteland – A blog that keeps track of and usually mocks all those silly little Disney Channel shows, with maybe some Nickelodeon thrown in every once in a while.
  • Miss Couturable – This belongs to a girl who I go to school with. Cute and upbeat, and better than you’d think.

Time wasters

  • Marry Me – A comic about a frustrated pop singer who marries a random fan. Very, very silly, and very cute.

Books to read!

And finally, just plain interesting

  • The Sum of Your Facial Parts – An article @ NY Times about a new software that edits photos to make them more average – that is to say, more beautiful, though how well that works, you can judge for yourself over here. James Franco is perfect – who knew? But most of the other celebrities, well, I don’t much like their new upgraded selves.

Really though – I started this blog not just because other people were, but also because I am now a senior in my high school (I’ll insert a cheer here later) and, well, it’d be nice to remember this year as something other than one long fest of frustration and college apping! Not that there won’t be plenty of both, just not on this blog.

Tomorrow is the Panic at the Disco / Dashboard Confessional / Plain White T’s concert @ the San Jose Convention Center. I plan to have so much fun I’ll be grinning for another week, at least.

Remember, no matter if you’re ten, sixty, or anything in between, don’t play it too safe! If you’re bored, you’re doing something wrong.

Mucho ♥,
your friendly neighborhood supergoddess


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