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Oh my, it has been a long time. This blog has faded even further into obscurity, & I’ve forgotten how to write posts.

Catching up on my life: I’ve long since graduated from high school and am happily settled in as a member of the Class of 2013 at Bryn Mawr College. I embarrassed myself in front of my entire graduating class & their parents, went skinny-dipping in the cloisters (but failed, because there was no water), & dyed my hair purple. I’ve slept in my underwear in a pile of girls (the joys of an all-women’s college…) & had my first big embarrassing crush on an upperclassman! Two, actually – I’m ahead of the curve.

What I’m doing now: Getting ready for Halloween, yoga, 6 AM wakeups, making friends, eating ice cream until my stomach bursts.

All of this is fairly unimportant of course – the real purpose of this blog, started only ten posts & a few years ago, was to talk about senior year & hold onto memories. Well, I kind of failed miserably at that, but I don’t want to give up this blog entirely, since I do enjoy talking (& talking & talking…).

So I thought I’d start today by talking about college. Transitioning into college can be a big, scary thing, whether you live a few miles or a few days away. Me, I come from California, so I’ve travelled over 5000 miles to Bryn Mawr &, no lie, it’s been a little freaky.

Most colleges offer free counseling services. Use them. Everyone needs someone to talk to, someone who they don’t see in social situations who they can tell all sorts of embarrassing, personal things. (I’m something of an oversharer myself.) Even if you think you’re totally fine & healthy, it doesn’t matter, because one day you might not be; one day, you might just need someone outside to talk to, & you’re going to need a starting point. If you’re not comfortable with the counselor you’re seeing, find someone else – counseling sessions are a free ticket to focusing completely & totally on yourself. Be as self-centered & indulgent as you want, because it will only help you in the long run.

Freshmen year is super important for making friends. I’m not saying that you’ll meet your platonic lover on the first day, or that who you’re joined with at the hip now is who you’re going to be sharing BFF rings with at the end of the year, but don’t start the year off in your room. Put yourself out there. Smile a lot. Be sincere, even if it’s hard. Be friendly & helpful. Leave your metaphorical & literal doors open*.

But at the same time, if you’re anything like me, getting your own space is a high, high priority. Roommates can make your room louder or busier than you might like, & you’ve gotta find some time to sit back, kick off your fabulous heels, & chill. My roommate has class at 11 AM, so I eat lunch in my room with the door closed while listening to my iPod or watching a movie. Go for long walks – they’ll help you decompress & prevent the horrors of the freshman fifteen (which has recently been upgraded to the freshman fifty!).

Decorate. Part of having your own space is that it has to be about you. Maybe you & your roommate have totally opposite tastes, in which case you can take secret glee in making your respective halves look as different as possible. I have Johnny Depp & Ed Norton; she’s got rainbow-colored ducks & crazy flowers. It doesn’t have to be only your room too – I bought a cute planner from working class studio at the beginning of the summer, & I’ve been drawing in it all year & writing myself quotes that make me smile. Have some fun with yourself.

I leave you all with one of my favorite quotes which I’m trying to apply to the whole of my college experience, not to mention my life:

Be strong; believe in freedom & in God; love yourself; understand your sexuality; have a sense of humor; masturbate; don’t judge people by their religion, color, or sexual habits; love life & your family.

♥, Madonna

Muchos ♥,
your friendly neighborhood supergoddess

* if you’re having trouble with this, you might want to try reading Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People. He uses this primarily for business, but it’s incredibly helpful on a daily interaction level too.


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