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In order to enjoy Comic Book Tattoo, you have to like two things: Tori Amos and graphic novels. Because, title aside, this is very much a graphic novel, not a comic book. It’s a massive, beautifully decorated book filled with visual interpretations of Tori Amos’s songs. I’m not saying that they are all great–some are much better than the others, and some have almost no connection whatsoever to the song in question. But even just visually, the images are striking and beautifully rendered, while the mood ranges from upbeat and bubbly to dark and violent to soft and romantic. Stylistically there are instances of the Asian manga style but the book is dominated primarily by Western styles, which comes as no surprise. In all honesty, I absolutely loved this book, and spent hours paging through it and Tori Amos’s absolutely mystifying lyrics (which I’m not smart enough to understand), and I think it’s well worth the $30 or so you’d have to spend at your nearest major bookstore.


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