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All right, so this is something new I’m starting for myself, though you are of course welcome to join in. I was sitting around, fiddling with my pens and most pointedly not doing homework, when I realized that 2009 is almost over – and that’s a post in and of itself – and I haven’t kept any of my New Year’s resolutions, to absolutely no one’s surprise. Well, year-long resolutions are hard, especially some of mine, which were, now that I think about it, ridiculous. Lose twenty pounds? Stop procrastinating? I might as well try and fly to the moon, amirite?

But it is nice to have something to work towards. So I’ve decided to start making weekly resolutions, to be posted every Sunday night. I’m a bit of a flake, which is why it’s good for me to have some structure to keep me on task, otherwise I’ll be off chasing jellyfish with a butterfly net.

(Did anyone get that reference?)

(Why yes, I am a complete and total dork.)

Anyway, this is making me really excited – good sign! – so cross your fingers for me, mmk?

Post at least four times a week.
This blog is still relatively new for me, so when anything’s new and just starting, you have to push yourself to stay on top of things! Otherwise, it’ll just fall by the wayside and languish in a corner, gathering dust…kind of like what happened to this blog during senior year.

Wake up at 6:00 AM every day (barring weekends).
I know this sounds crazy – it sounds crazy to me! – since I am, after all, a lazy, lazy college student, but waking up early is important to me because I hate, hate feeling rushed and I like to take my time with things. Plus I work the breakfast shift two days out of the week, and if I want to get to those on time, I need to get into the habit of waking up early.

Go to bed by midnight every day (barring weekends).
Ties into the above, because what’s even more important to me is sleeping enough. It’s no good to wake up early feeling like an extra from Night of the Living Dead.

Dress less like I’m in high school again.
Not to knock high school, but those whole four years, I was enormously lazy about getting dressed and relied on T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. But now that I’m more certain about my own style and attitude towards fashion, I always feel like such a slob in that combination, especially at Bryn Mawr, where so many women dress so gorgeously. I firmly believe that your style should be a reflection of your personality and self, and, well, Threadless T-shirts aren’t me anymore. (What a shame, too – I still think they’re super cute! Maybe I’ll find a way to dress them up a bit…sounds a bit like something I could post.)

I’m definitely doing NaNoWriMo this year and I’m off to a good start (2000 words on my first day!) and I want to stay on top of my word count without falling behind my school work. NaNoWriMo is such a good experience for me, I always feel so amazing when I turn in my word count. For me writing is definitely therapeutic, and I want to make writing a habit, not just a hobby, so NaNo will definitely be a great way to do that.

And, finally…

Be more of a friend.
Like a lot of people, I am incredibly lazy when it comes to long-distance friendships, and while the long distance in question here might just be the distance from my dorm to theirs, effort is definitely needed. I love the people in my hall and my customs group to bits, but next year I won’t be living right next door to them. Plus my dorm doesn’t have all the cool people (just most).

Make some resolutions of your own, lovies, and tell me all about them.

Muchos ♥,
your friendly neighborhood supergoddess


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Hello lovies, hopefully everyone had a fun, safe, and scary Halloween! I myself watched The Shining, which was every bit as scary as promised, though I found it somewhat less scary than other people did because I spent about half the movie with a scarf over my head and my hands over my eyes. I have the spine of a jellyfish, guys. Also, I was not expecting frozen Jack Nicholson, but it’s like the Spanish Inquisition – no one ever does.

Heeeere's Johnny!

Heeeere's Johnny!

In any case, Halloween is over, everyone’s packed away their costumes, and everyone’s looking forward to Thanksgiving. I’m going to be traveling (on a bus! for the very first time!) to MIT to stay with some friends. I don’t know what we’re going to do in Boston, but I promise to keep this blog muy muy updated with news.

But what else is going on in November?

As a lot of bloggers, writers, and general Internet people know, November 1st is when people start the process of GOING CRAZY.

How do I mean that?

Well, November 1st is the beginning of NaNoWriMo. It’s been around for so long that it doesn’t seem to need much introduction anymore, but the basic rundown is this: people sign up on the website to write 50,000 words of whatever they want. 50,000 words. FIFTY. THOUSAND. WORDS. If they finish by the end of the month, they get a badge. And, all right, some pride in having written a novella of dubious quality. It is a lot of fun, it’s just extremely crazy. About midway through, the writer (aka ME) usually looks something like this:

Image from Writertopia

Image from Writertopia

I really enjoy NaNoWriMo because, all madness aside, it’s a great way to just sit down and write. Like, forget all that nattering on about quality over quantity – if you want to write, you have to be able to write. You can worry about being the great literary genius of your generation once you’ve written The End in an enormous flourish. Usually most major cities have weekly get-togethers where NaNo-ers sit down in a coffee shop somewhere and write in a group. A lot of professional authors – Maureen Johnson, Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbastier, to name a few – are giving out tips and advice, since their lives are essentially one long, never-ending NaNoWriMo session.

So scoot on over to the website and sign up!


Muchos ♥,
your friendly neighborhood supergoddess

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